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  All Elemental Logic products include built-in application support features that help our customers quickly find answers to their product questions.

The Help Topics, View Online Manual, and Support Website Links options are available to all customers, including users evaluating our products. The Contact Support and Download Updates options are available to customers that have purchased a Premiere Support subscription.

The Internet is a highly dynamic environment where change is the only constant. Search engines are constantly refining their search algorithms and changing the way they scan websites; new top-level domains have been recently added, with more under consideration; logfile formats change and new formats are introduced; IP address mappings change and more.

These are just a few of the reasons that all Elemental Logic products include the ability to update their components across the Internet. It is the safest, most efficient, and most reliable method to keep your Elemental Logic application current and up-to-date.

The Help Topics feature provides an integrated table of contents, an index, and a full-text search feature so users can find information easily. Book icons open to reveal topic entries and sub-books. This support feature has the added benefit of allowing users to see the table of contents, index, or search results at the same time they are viewing a Help topic. This orients them within the Help system and allows them to see all of the other applicable Help topics at a glance.

The View Online Manual feature uses Adobe's Acrobat Reader to open a fully indexed and searchable electronic version of the User Manual. This manual is identical to the printed version and contains a full compliment of menu examples, color photographs, illustrations, charts, and tables. Embedded links in the online manual connect the user with whitepapers, HowTo guides, user tips, and additional support materials hosted online.

The Support Website Links feature opens a dilaog that contains a collection of the most popular links to the support website. With a single click, a web browser is opened and directed to the support website, where support information and related content is displayed.

The Contact Support feature is only available through a Premiere Support subscription.

This premiere support feature is a "live" direct network connection to a Customer Care representative who is dedicated to giving priority support to users. In addition to technical support questions, this feature can be used to submit software bug reports or to suggest new features or enhancements.

The Download Updates feature is only available through a Premiere Support subscription.

This premiere support feature is used to update a users' application with the very latest product options, new application plugins, software patches, product extensions and enhancements, and database updates. Each and every component of an Elemental Logic application is scanned to see if there are newer versions available. When an updated component is found, it is added to a list of available updates. Once a list of updated components is created, users select which updates they wish to apply; the user-selected updates are then downloaded and automatically installed.